They ask for 180 years in prison for a Malaga soccer coach for sexual abuse of minors

Image of a kid playing soccer.

The Malaga Prosecutor’s Office has requested 180 years in prison for a former youth soccer coach for alleged sexual abuse and assault of minors whom he knew by profession and who allegedly also harassed through false profiles of girls on social networks to send him nude photos. According to the research, 30 minors would have suffered the actions of the accused, although in some cases the facts do not constitute a crime.

Thus, he is accused of a continuous crime of distribution and possession of child pornography, with respect to all minors; and 22 other crimes, of which eleven are sexual assault on minors under 16 years of age, another two of sexual assault with carnal access, three of abuse with prevaluation, one of exhibiting sexual acts to minors 16 years old, three crimes of harassment through telecommunications and two of exhibitionism.

According to the provisional conclusions of the prosecutor, to which Europa Press has had access, the defendant worked for various sports entities, either as a trainer for the Alevines category; whose ages range from 12 to 16 years; or with other responsibilities, with access to the computer that contains all the minors’ files. In addition, he also worked for a sportswear company.

Thus, the public prosecution initially maintains that the defendant “selected minors he knew from soccer, and He later looked for them on social networks, without their knowledge, hiding his identity under the name of a girl“, thereby creating” confidence “to have conversations of a sexual nature at times.

Supposedly, “he sent them photos of a naked girl and induced them to send him naked photos of them”; later, the prosecutor says, once the photo was sent by the minor, “he threatened to publish them if they did not send him photos with explicit sex acts, naked videos, or made direct nudity.”

“Even for other minors more reluctant to obey, once they obtained a compromised photo, the defendant told them that he would send it to third parties if he did not show him his genitals or to make live videos or send him other more compromising photos“, indicates the prosecutor in his initial account.

Also, this accusation points out, “on other occasions I got the password of a minor’s profile to convince others of the stated purpose, and even as a sign of the veracity of the threat “, supposedly “he even sent intimate photos of minors to other minors, soccer players and classmates, for not having complied with what he was ordered to do.”

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, on one occasion there were “four years of abuse, from the age of 10 to 14 for the minor,” a period in which the investigated allegedly “exercised control over it, He indicated that he had to approach him, who should be his friend, he controlled him if he was online on WhatsApp and even the hours that passed without connecting to that application. “

“The defendant exercised control over the minor, with the messages that he should approach him and that he should not have friends,” says the initial letter from the Prosecutor’s Office, indicating that he controlled him “That he was not with girls, he was even jealous” and sometimes he stayed to sleep in the house of the accused, which also happened with other minors.

In addition to the prison sentence, the prosecutor requests that the defendant compensates the minors in 3,000 euros for the facts, “Without prejudice to the fact that after the act of the oral trial another amount is fixed in relation to the most affected minors,” considering that the entities and the company for which the accused worked should be declared as subsidiary responsible.

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