Theses for the 31st Bundesliga matchday: Werder Bremen needs a new impetus – Union is a role model for Hertha

The coaches are the focus of the Bundesliga final spurt: Bo Svensson does everything right in Mainz, Florian Kohfeldt does almost everything wrong in Bremen. And between Bavaria and Leipzig there are signs of a record change that makes all Corona promises ad absurdum. The theses for the game day.

Mainz remains the team of the second half of the season, the win against Bayern not only confirmed the last few weeks and months, but also the assumption: If a team from the table cellar is able to beat a great one, then Mainz 05 is.

In view of the Mainz final program with games against Bayern, Frankfurt, Dortmund and Wolfsburg – plus the catch-up game against Hertha – that gives a lot of confidence. The decisive reason for the upswing is, in addition to the new team unity, the enormous reliability on the defensive and especially in the central defense.

In general, this part of the team often looked like a pile of chickens, with Bo Svensson the stability came back. Mainz conceded 36 goals in the first half of the season, only Schalke were worse at the time (44). Now there are only 13 goals conceded in the back series after 13 games – only Leipzig (eleven) is now even better than Mainz. The blatant turnaround is related to many small factors and one big personality: Since Stefan Bell was brought back from “early retirement” by Svensson, Mainz has defended like a Champions League contender.

Mainz defends like a top team under Svensson

In the last 29 years there was not even the slightest doubt: Berlin is white and blue. Hertha BSC was the best-placed team in the capital 29 times in a row, either as the first or second division. Three game days before the end of the 2020/21 season, one thing is clear: Hertha’s beautiful streak is broken.

With the easy 3: 1 over Werder Bremen, FC Union collected 46 points and will definitely end up ahead of the old lady in the final standings regardless of the outcome of the six outstanding Hertha games. From the Köpenick’s point of view, this is hard to beat. Or is it?

Moving into international business, while Hertha may even be relegated, would be the culmination of a fantastic season. Especially since the goals of both clubs before the season were exactly the opposite: Union did not want to have anything to do with relegation, Hertha in the European Cup. Despite the precarious situation and the impending GAU, however, the high goals of Hertha remain.

At the moment, something points to a turning point in Berlin football than to the return of Hertha to international football. The experiment of trying to force sporting success with a lot of money has already failed. How it works differently, Hertha could find out from the new city champion.

After Herrlich-Aus: Werder also needs a new impetus

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