Theses for the 30th Bundesliga matchday: Emre Can becomes a BVB security risk, David Alaba is finally playing in his favorite position

David Alaba is allowed to run in his favorite position on his last days in Munich – and he is convincing. A change of position also causes a sensation in Cologne, while a BVB player continues to struggle too much with himself. The theses for the 30th Bundesliga matchday.

It was once again a strange game that Borussia Dortmund played against FC Union. The numbers speak for themselves, BVB was better in almost every halfway relevant statistic in the 2-0 win, missed a number of the best scoring chances – and yet the guests could have won this game well and gladly.

Dortmund was given the lead by an unjustified penalty from the referees and was twice as lucky when the Unioner hit the post and crossbar. The first of these, after twelve seconds, was presented to the opponent by Emre Can formally free of charge. His technical error with the first action of the game was so glaring that he should have been punished.

It joins a series of several (almost) decisive mistakes made by the national player in recent weeks. Among other things, Can was directly involved in half of the goals conceded in the Champions League quarter-finals against ManCity.

With his dynamism, aggressiveness and will, the 27-year-old can be a very valuable player for BVB and the German national team. And he also shows good talents in most of the games. But he stands in his own way too often with these reckless actions and inevitably endangers the team’s success.

BVB: Emre Can is becoming more and more of a risk

You have to keep this in mind: After the first series, FSV Mainz 05 was tied with Schalke at the bottom of the table with seven points from 17 games. The team had a single victory up to then and the prospect of relegation tended towards zero.

Then someone at the club had the idea to bring Bo Svensson back as coach. And since then Mainz has been playing like Mainz again. In the second half of the table, Mainz is in fifth place, ahead of Dortmund, Gladbach or Leverkusen, the points average is 2.0, the team has now more than tripled its yield from the first half of the season.

And the most important thing: After the 1-0 win in the relegation thriller against Werder Bremen, Mainz moved five points away from relegation rank 16. Mainz is by far the most stable unit of all candidates in the basement, works at a decent to good level in all game phases Every time you win, you get even more self-confidence and every now and then you have the luck you need to make the impossible possible.

Never before has a team managed to keep the class after such a disastrous series. The rest of Mainz’s program is brutal: Bayern want to make their 31st title clear on Saturday, then it’s off to Frankfurt, then against Dortmund and finally to Wolfsburg. But: Aside from Cologne, only Mainz has shown that they can beat one of the greats from time to time.

The slump after the change is symbolic of the entire season, which is a constant up and down with great highlights in the league and in the Champions League, but also with inexplicable low blows like now in Hoffenheim. Only once did Gladbach manage to win three competitive games in a row, but one of them was an easy 5: 0 in the cup against Elversberg. Otherwise, the next crash always followed brief high phases. And in the end that may not be enough to enter an international competition, and rightly so.

Mönchengladbach remains a mystery

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