Theses for the 26th matchday: BVB? No Haaland without the Champions League

The record champions are literally forced to be lucky against Stuttgart and come across a secret Champions League formula. Dortmund is not only worried about the premier class, but also about Erling Haaland – while a fundamental question arises for Bayer Leverkusen. That and more in the Talking Points of the 26th match day.

The draw in Cologne was a nasty relapse into times long believed to have been overcome, Borussia Dortmund’s deficit in fourth place and thus the minimum goal has increased to four points again. In two weeks the decisive duel against Eintracht Frankfurt, probably the only opponent that can still be caught, will take place. Wolfsburg already seems to be eight points ahead, Leipzig and Bayern are anyway.

Erling Haaland made no move to hide his complete disappointment and stomped into the cabin, cursing wildly. A clear signal to the rest of the team from a player who not only shows in every game that he is better than the others, but is always ready to give one hundred percent. Which obviously still cannot be said of every Dortmund professional.

Haaland is next to Robert Lewandowski the best attacker in the Bundesliga and currently maybe even in the world. It is hard to imagine that this player, with these skills and ambitions and the absolute urge to always measure himself at the level of the best, wants to torment himself through the Europa League with BVB in the coming season. If Borussia misses the Champions League, Haaland will be hard to hold.

Because BVB (despite a possible Sancho transfer) would have to fill financial holes and the interested and financially strong competitors did not want to miss this great opportunity. If Erling Haaland is to play in Dortmund in the coming season, the team must reach the premier class.

BVB: No Haaland without the Champions League

The first half an hour of Bayer Leverkusen’s appearance in Berlin was just scary, the defensive behavior of the team, especially in the defensive switching moments, not suitable for the Bundesliga. Again, I have to say. Because problems of this kind now run like a red thread through the calendar year 2021. And a learning effect for the team and their coach obviously does not want to start.

Whenever Leverkusen seems to get the corner with a sensible game, they are guaranteed to follow in a really weak performance. After the partly embarrassing elimination in the cup and in the Europa League, the Bundesliga is the last hope of participating in international business again. The train to the Champions League has probably already left, now it is important to secure at least the consolation prize Europa League.

But there are four teams behind Leverkusen, Freiburg is approaching with great strides and who knows, Union looks more stable than Bayer, Stuttgart is a lucky bag and Gladbach may be back on track after the first victory in what feels like an eternity. Coach Peter Bosz now has to start the turnaround as soon as possible, otherwise it will be tight for him too. Of course Bayer are missing some very important players due to injuries, but the squad is deep enough to have more than four wins in 17 competitive games this year.

Bosz is under massive pressure, as are his superiors. But the Hinserie showed that Bayer can also play very successful football – with coach Peter Bosz. Leverkusen would be well advised to get through the current crisis with his coach.

Bayern encounter their Champions League tactics

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