There is no competition worth: nobody moves Casemiro

Now that the splendor of the European Super Cup at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium is over, and with the majority of footballers and fans already immersed in other tasks, Tchouameni peeked out next to Camavinga, Ceballos Y Lucas Vazquez, all of them substitutes, to warm up for a while. They did some running around the stadium and the scattered fans who were still holding on in the stands took the opportunity to say theirs.

A German fan thought it would be a good time to shout “Visca el Barça” when the four white players passed by his back. When they reached the opposite side of the field tower, where the 1,800 Madrid supporters enjoyed the game, the cheers focused on Tchouaméni, the only new face in the white dressing room this summer along with that of Antonio Rudiger.

Tchouaméni, who does not separate from his compatriot Camavinga and who already speaks remarkable Spanish, continues in his own way with a period of adaptation in which Real Madrid does not intend to be in a hurry. Its youth (22 years old), its price (80 million euros plus a series of incentives that could bring the amount closer to 100 million, the fourth highest amount ever disbursed by the entity), and its structural position (called to be the axis of the team) invite caution.

Tchouameni, during the final of the European Super Cup.
Tchouameni, during the final of the European Super Cup.EMMI KORHONENAFP

Tchouaméni played only the last five minutes of the final in what was his first appearance in an official match for Ancelotti’s team. And he did not come out to replace Casemiro, but to accompany him.

Nobody ran more than Casemiro

One of the most pernicious things about football is boredom. And when a footballer maintains an invariable position in the team for a long time -such as Casemiro during the last seven years – the feeling of being fed up has increased. The Brazilian midfielder, however, is only 30 years old. And despite the fact that last season he experienced periods of extreme irregularity, in the capital moments he performed as he used to. He did it at the end of the Champions Saint-Denis against Liverpool. And this end of the European Super Cup upped the ante. So much so that UEFA preferred his performance to that of Benzema (scorer of the second goal) or Vinicius and awarded him the prize for the best footballer of the match.

Casemiro did more things than he is supposed to. In the opening goal it was he who saved a header from Benzema who was going out to leave the ball free to Praise for him to finish on goal. Already in the second act he even dared with a hammer blow that took the ball to the crossbar. Although this type of actions Casemiro always considers them secondary compared to the work of shaver, where he enjoys the most. “These are war wounds“, he whispered in the mixed zone with his bloody stocking, in flip flops, and with a bow-legged walk typical of the effort.

No one ran more than Casemiro at Real Madrid on the Finnish night (11.33 kilometres), and no one recovered more balls than him in the match. Up to 13 balls he stole, two more than Militarywho also scored at a high level in a center of defense where Rüdiger still has no place.

Casemiro, who like Tchouaméni will contest the World Cup in Qatar, snorted when asked about the competition that he has just opened for the midfielder position in Madrid: “People who know me know that I don’t care. A great player has arrived who will help us for a long time and who has a great future at Real Madrid. But I always give it my all. Regardless of who comes I always try to do my best. My sacrifice is always there.”

“There are no untouchable players”

Ancelotti, yes, has already warned that next Sunday, in the match in Almería, he will refresh the team. With the World Cup to be played between November and December and that express Champions League league that will force extreme efforts, there seems to be no other option.

Another thing is what happens in the capital matches, where Casemiro, despite that thoughtful and slow speech that contrasts with his hyperactivity on the field, plans to fight for his position. “At Real Madrid there are no untouchable players. That must be made very clear.. But the coach will always put players to beat. He is not crazy not to put the best. We are all human and we all need rest. Though [Ancelotti] the eleven knows that he has to line up. He is a great coach.”

Casemiro sat next to his coach on the champions’ podium in Helsinki. A AncelottiAs much as he has to work to secure the midfielder’s heritage, he likes having the Brazilian around.

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