The Zaragoza goalkeeper scores the tying goal in the discount: “I think I hit him with the face …”

Cristian Álvarez, Zaragoza goalkeeper, celebrates his goal against Lugo

The work of goalkeeper in football it is usually more thankless than satisfactory. A mistake of yours is much more expensive than that of a striker, and they rarely enjoy the sensation of scoring a goal. In the CD LugoReal Zaragoza yes it was possible to live.

Cristian Alvarez became the hero of the Maño team, scoring the tying goal in the Carriage width. It was already the minute 96 and those of Juan Ignacio Martínez fell 1-2. Cristian went up to a corner, in search of an epic that, normally, is not fulfilled.

He received the ball high, he threw himself with everything … And he himself admits that he does not know what he hit him with, but he finished off the first goal of his life, what it also meant the tie.

For Zaragoza it was a fundamental point. Submerged in the lower zone of the table (they are fifteenth), they need to add and if it can be three by three much better, but everything that is to end in positive, better.

Hence, the joy of both was almost like a title. “It’s a strange emotion. I’m in a dream. I don’t even know what it was like. I think I hit him with the face, or he hit the defender and he went in … I don’t even know what happened “Alvarez recounted after the game, remarkably moved.

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