The Women’s Professional League, key to the collective agreement

The uncertainty in women’s football has several consequences. The first occurred with MEDIAPRO’s decision to break the audiovisual agreement in its last season and as a result of the impossibility of exploiting them peacefully.

And the second is in the future of the clubs and of the Spanish footballers themselves. Specifically with the female collective agreement, the first in the history of our country, and signed in February 2020.

An agreement that entered into force in September 2019 (retroactively) and that It has the expiration date of June 30, 2022 once it was denounced by the AFE in March of this year 2021. A complaint that implies, as signed by the parties in February 2020, the extension for one year and its end date for June 30, 2022. By then a new agreement between the parties (union and clubs) should be renegotiated . Otherwise the Spanish soccer players would be left without a collective agreement.

All this explains the enormous concern of the players and the union AFE on the evolution of the professionalization process of women’s football. Hence the meetings that are taking place in recent weeks, with the participation of the CSD.

Because under the current prism, Without professional league and television, it is impossible to propose a modification of the current agreement and where the minimum wage is established at 16,000 euros at 75% partiality and 12,000 euros with a partial contract. But on the table of this future collective agreement there are other key issues such as seniority bonus, family conciliation and maternity, image rights or occupational risks.

There are also other issues such as the controversial list and clause of compensation, suppressing this aforementioned partiality, defining in more detail the working day, breaks and Christmas holidays.

Other issues that you want to put on the table have to do with insurance in the face of a situation of disability or the existence of a salary guarantee fund, in addition to implementing economic measures for this League Professional and the signing of a commitment on bets and fixes.

The future audiovisual contract, fundamental

Questions all of them that are in the air right now. Because in addition to being conditioned to the professional league, it is also conditioned to the future audiovisual contract. It should be remembered that in the agreement signed in February 2020 the audiovisual contract that the Association of Women’s Clubs had signed with Mediapro was key. The audiovisual company promised to pay 1.1 million euros more for each of the seasons of the contract in exchange for the exploitation of the television “U” and the rights to the Queen’s Cup.

The breaking of this contract means that the clubs of the Association have stopped receiving between 300.00 or 400,000 euros. And under this scenario it is impossible to think of improving the conditions or even reaching the existing ones in the collective agreement. The transformation into a women’s league would mean collective bargaining for the rights of the 16 clubs. A key income and capital in the subsistence of the clubs, and of the players themselves.

The parties continue to advance on a unified Statutes

A future agreement that can no longer be signed with the Club Association but with the future female employer. Hence the need to be configured as soon as possible so that the parties can sit down to negotiate.

Something that for now will take time. Yesterday Wednesday there was a new meeting in the CSD, promoter of this League, between the parties (Club Association and Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Club de Bilbao). Although progress continues towards a unified Statutes, the parties have met again next Wednesday, October 20. Without unified statutes it is impossible to call elections, elect a president and fully constitute the professional league.

All this explains why the players are very aware and that, if they do not advance, they do not rule out more decisive measures on the part of the players. Your future is at stake.

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