The women’s Barça wins the Queen’s Cup and culminates a historic triplet that the men’s already wanted

Alexia Putellas, during the final of the Queen's Cup

The Barcelona signed a historic triplet this season with the achievement of the Copa de la Reina Iberdrola by defeating by 4-2 in the final from Butarque to a proud I raised, which touched the miracle of coming back from an adverse 3-0 and was about to scare the best team without discussion of the season, but his dream lasted just seven minutes, which took Alexia Putellas, MVP of the match, in sentencing.

It seemed like another placid match for the Barça team. One more of the course in which it has been handled with an iron fist. Three centers Lieke martens, culminated by respective head butts, seemed to leave the meeting sentenced. But Levante showed that it is a team that never gives up, that always fights. He knew how to take advantage of the relaxation of the champions and scared them with the goals of Alba Round and Argentina Stephanie Banini.

Instead, Alexia Putellas took out the captain’s stripes of Barcelona. Seven minutes later he stole a ball that Levante was trying to get out and with a crossed shot he stopped the reaction of the Valencian team in its tracks and sentenced the match.

After winning the First Division and the Champions League, the team of Lluis Cortés made a name for himself in the history books by equating Lyon, Arsenal, Wolfsburg and Frankfurt as three-time champions. This victory is also his eighth cup title and opens a gap of two over Espanyol and Levante itself.

The Barça coach and the players had wanted to remove pressure and move away on the eve of the condition of clear favorites. Reality, as happened in the regularity tournament and in the top European competition, confirmed again during the first half its tremendous superiority against a rival who has been in second place for a good part of the campaign in the Primera Iberdrola and now is third and with the next ‘Champions’ ticket almost guaranteed.

Jenni Beautiful, who missed the semifinal against Madrid CFF, He started in the last big game of the successful course. More wood for a Levante that raised a rear with five defenders and had no choice but to stand behind in a low block with all its troops. To the team of Mary Pry He had no choice but to bail water from the beginning.

Barcelona came out intense and with a high speed of movement. In a sigh he sentenced the final. Two centers from the Netherlands’ Lieke Martens, one from a corner kick and the other from the left wing, were finished off by Patri Guijarro (m.5) and Alexia Putellas (m.20) to place a 2-0 that was a mountain for Levante.

The Valencian team, which took eleven minutes to cross the center of the field with the ball controlled with the highest artillery in the league, Esther gonzalez, unassisted in point, wanted to cheer up. He advanced lines a few meters and began to be able to combine and pose some opposition, but he failed to create real danger before Tasting Coll, Barcelona’s starting goalkeeper in this Cup.

The set piece relaunched the Catalan team and cleared up any dream of a comeback for the Levantinists with the third goal, achieved by Marta Torrejon at half an hour when he headed a free-kick launched again by Martens.

The ghosts of the 7-1 garter belt embedded in the Johan Cruyff appeared on the horizon of the Valencian painting. But María Pry’s squad used her heart and character to not give up early. The french Sandie Toletti, twice in individual header shots, and Alba Redondo touched the goal, but their balls came out brushing the sticks.

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