The wind ruins Liverpool’s 60 million investment in its new sports city

Liverpool players perform warm-up exercises.

The players of the Liverpool They are not at all happy with the team’s new sports city. The club changed the location of its facilities four months ago and athletes have already complained about the wind and bad weather conditions for training.

Liverpool’s first team had been training for 70 years in Melwood, but the club recently decided to relocate the squad of the Premier league and take it to a new location that it shares with the rest of the categories in the facilities of Kirkby. A training center that has cost 60 million euros, with which the players are not at all happy.

Liverpool players only criticize AXA Training Center. Despite the three complete soccer fields, two gyms, hydrotherapy rooms and swimming pool, among other luxuries, the boys of Jurgen Klopp they complain that it is too windy. In fact, the new facilities are in an area known as Windy harbor, something that could have raised the hare on the weather conditions, which to make matters worse especially in winter.

As published The Sun, “players hate the new sports town and would have preferred to stay in old Melwood. There is nothing wrong with the facilities, it is just very windy. Much, much wind ”.

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