The whatsapp of the betrayal of Vinicius’s agent to Cury come to light

Vinicus Jr He assured in the program of ‘El Larguero’ that “he chose Madrid as a project ahead of Barcelona.” In 2017 Barça had practically closed the signing of the Brazilian, but a “betrayal” of the agents of Vinicius to Andre Cury, then responsible for the South American market of Barça, twisted the operation, as explained by the Cury al ‘Què t’hi Juges’ last October 26. What did this betrayal consist of?

[+] Listen to Cury explain the betrayal of Barça in the signing of Vinicius


In an interview on SER Catalunya, André Cury, a former Barça scouter in Brazil, revealed the negotiations he made to bring the now-winger from Madrid, who, after giving his word to the club, ended up at Real

As revealed by the Ser string, the agent of Vinicius, Federico Pena, sent an extensive message to Andre Cury few days before signing for him Madrid. “I want to make it clear to you that the decision of what to do Vinicius it’s in your hands, “the Brazilian businessman assured Cury in that message. “I will do what you want, I have the power to manipulate everyone in this case and I will do it according to your will,” he explained. Federico Pena. “But I am writing to tell you that I would rather Vinicius out to Real Madrid. Read, reflect and tomorrow you will decide, ok? “, He wielded.

The reason for taking him to Madrid and not to Barça

Because you don’t see any benefit from the option to go Barcelona. “We (his agents) will earn more commission,” he told her. Pain. In addition, he assured him that “the player will be in the shadow of Neymar, which is in the shadow of Messi. With Vinicius at Madrid we would have the opportunity to dominate the two biggest clubs in the world “, explained the agent of Vinicius . “Look how many players he has placed Jorge Mendes at Madrid since it is Christian? How many players did he get Figer in Madrid with Robinho ? Even Mino Raiola at United . I mean, this is the most common thing in the world, “Pena spoke.

Economic and sporting reasons

“The city of Barcelona is better than that of Madrid? Of course, much better, “he explains.” But the player will not be able to do anything, go from home to the club. “And there are many important players who have triumphed in the Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo, Zidane, Marcelo … Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos even Flavio Conçeiçao … Vini is special and they will treat him the same in Barcelona or in Madrid. The opportunity for Vinicius to have an impact soon and break memories in the Madrid is more real and concrete … in the Barça we must wait for Messi come down in the middle of the field and in your position is NeymarVinicius Will you have more image at Barça than at the Madrid? It can, but there is not much difference “, reasoned the agent of Vinicius to Cury in your messages.

AND Pain He concluded: “Could this change the life of Vinicius? I do not know. It may have more economic impact for us than for the athlete. “Think about it and we’ll talk tomorrow,” he concluded. Federico Pena, who asked permission to Cury to sign for him Madrid. Cury he refused, Pain decided they would sign for him Madrid and the relationship between the two businessmen was destroyed.

Before that conversation, the agent Vinicius, Federico Pena and the player’s father had been to Barcelona and had given the Barça club their word that they would sign for them. In fact, Pain shook hands with the then football director of the Barça, Raül Sanllehí.

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