The video of Luis Suárez’s controversial Italian exam comes to light: from the laughs to the photos with the teachers

Luis Suárez's Italian exam

Luis Suarez was very close to not signing for him Atletico Madrid the last summer. The main intentions of FC Barcelona were to transfer him to a foreign team in order to avoid reinforcing a direct rival, something that ended up happening. The favorite to take the Uruguayan forward was Juventus, but having a non-EU passport, they needed some form for Suárez to be registered.

The option taken was to try to the player took off the Italian nationality which he could access thanks to his wife, who already has it. For this, the Uruguayan had to undergo some level tests of Italian that ended up being rigged to try that Suárez dressed in black and white whatever.

The fraud was detected before either party could profit from the operation. After suspecting anomalies in the test, the Italian police investigated and discovered that the Uruguayan knew the exam questions before, all so that Suárez could land at Juventus. In return, the club assured the university where these tests are carried out that they would bring more footballers.

It did not take long for the questions to which the now rojiblanco striker was subjected to come to light, but it has not been until now that they have transcended the images from the Suarez exam, in which in addition to doing your test, laugh with the examiners, take photos and sign an autograph.

The video draws attention to the relaxed atmosphere That is shown instead of a more serene one, in accordance with the concentration required by a test in which the striker was playing his future. The forward is asked about his professional trajectory, by his family and describing some image or situation they seem to show you.

It has also been surprising that at the end of the test, the teachers take the exam and soon return with more staff who wanted to meet the footballer, with whom they have time to learn Photos. All this, without pointing out the few security measures against covid, with the two examiners performing the test with the mask lowered and with hardly any safety distance.

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