The VAR and the arbitrations set fire to the end of the League … and anger Real Madrid

Militao Penalty

The hand pointed out by Martínez Munuera to Militao in the match between Real Madrid and Sevilla on Sunday has caused a real earthquake in the Spanish competition, an absolutely key move that has caused great anger in the white club, who do not understand the reason why that this action was designated as a penalty and others that they consider similar were not.

The image of Zinedine Zidane asking for explanations to the referee at the end of the game against Sevilla is already the history of the League. The Gaul, always restrained, turned to Martínez Munuera to tell him the reason for the decisions he had made. “I am very angry, they have to explain to me the rule of hands on penalties. I asked the referee for an explanation and he gave it to me. It has not served me, “said Zizou.” I do not like to talk about the referees, I have never messed with them, but the feeling is not good, “he continued.” Explanations do not help me because if there is a hand, any hand inside of the area you whistle it on both sides. There was a previous one that they didn’t even look at“added a Zidane who had never been seen so angry about an arbitration.

The Frenchman was referring to a play in which the ball hits Joan Jordán in the hand during the second half. But the anger of Real Madrid does not come only from that action, but from previous weeks. “In these types of plays we are not having luck, we have had similar situations and unfortunately today, again, the decision has been against us,” said Emilio Butragueño.

The director of institutional relations of Real Madrid referred to several previous games in which several hands in the area were not indicated. The one most remembered by madridismo is that of the derby, when the rojiblanco Felipe touched the ball with his arm extended the VAR notified the referee, but Hernández Hernández decided not to signal a penalty. Three days ago, another hand extended in the area was not interpreted as a penalty, in this case of a Betis player in the scoreless draw between whites and Verdiblancos.

Although it is true that in the final minutes of the match against Eibar, on matchday 14 and with 1-2 on the scoreboard, a ball that hit on Sergio Ramos’ elbow, who had his arm outstretched, it was not interpreted on that occasion as a penalty and Real Madrid took the victory.

The confusion is absolute among fans, players and coaches. Zidane’s “they have to explain to me the rule of the hands on penalties” was joined by Ronald Koeman on Monday: “You don’t know when it is a hand. Even the referees have doubts,” acknowledged the Barça coach. After a first round of the League in which a penalty was awarded whenever the ball hit the hand of a defender, this was not the case in this final stretch, with the referees being more lax and interpreting each action differently depending on the position of the arm and intentionality.

And while, at Atlético de Madrid they consider, as reported by the newspaper Marca, that everything is a Madrid strategy to put pressure on the referees facing the last three days of the League.

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