The unknowns of Ancelotti’s Madrid: beneficiaries, victims and fires to extinguish on his return

Carlo Ancelotti returns to Real Madrid for the next three seasons

Carlo Ancelotti returns to Real Madrid. The Italian, the architect of the long-awaited tenth European Cup, takes the reins of the white team again in a moment of transition in which they are necessary various settings to return Madrid to the path of victory. There are several key points of this new stage: beneficiaries, victims and some open fronts to solve. We review them.

Since the return of ‘Carletto’ was known, there have been three names that have stood out above the rest in gatherings, debates and social networks. Isco lived his best days in white with Ancelotti on the bench, and has been the secondary protagonist of the return of the coach.

Everything pointed, before the resignation of Zidane, that the days of the Malaga in Madrid were going to end and although the return of Ancelotti does not have to change that situation. now he has more options to continue as a madridista.

Bale’s case remains unique. The Welshman has played on loan at Tottenham where he has scored 16 goals in 34 games and throughout the season his name has not stopped being linked to the current situation of Real Madrid, speculating with a possible return. Bale was a fixture of Ancelotti and perhaps the Italian will be able to get what is left of his glory.

However, in the case of these two players and taking into account the necessary change of direction that must be given to Madrid, the arrival of Ancelotti should serve to look forward and not to live in a time loop where it looks like 2014 again.

For this same reason, and although James Rodríguez is Ancelotti’s favorite player and an express request from him for his Everton, Madrid’s return to the path of victory must imply breaking with the past. Despite this, the Colombian’s name has been a trend since the announcement of the Carletto 2.0 era.

The no renewal of Sergio Ramos with Real Madrid is alarming less than a month after the end of his contract. Everything indicates that he has made a firm decision and the captain’s days in the White House are over. Ancelotti must choose to accept and let him go or mediate to try to retain him. All this, depending on the type of sports restructuring that the Italian has in mind, if he will continue or intend to start a revolution.

Similar cases are those of Marcelo Y Varane, who are not living their best moment and have more guaranteed relays, as has already been seen with Mendy in the case of the full-back and with the signing of Praise and the explosion of Militao in the case of the central rear.

In addition to the aforementioned case of Gareth Bale, Real Madrid has six other loaned players who end their loan on June 30, 2021: Jesús Vallejo, Brahím, Kubo, Jovic, Ceballos and Odegaard. The case of the Norwegian is especially delicate and the fans are clamoring to retain him but he has never accepted not having the prominence he has enjoyed in clubs such as Real Sociedad and Arsenal.

For Ancelotti and his team they must pass these names and assess case by case whether or not they fit into the ‘new’ Real Madrid that they must configure to start the generational renewal.

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