The U21 list gives the first clues for Luis Enrique’s call for the Euro: Pedri, Bryan Gil, Eric García …

Luis Enrique, Spanish coach

Luis de la Fuente shared this Friday the squad list of the Spanish under-21 team for the final phase of the European Under-21 that the ‘Rojita’ will play from May 31 in Slovenia. Indirectly, the coach has given various clues regarding some decisions who will take his namesake and namesake in the absolute for the Eurocup.

Multiple players like Bryan Gil or Pedri have been alternating both categories in the different calls, while others like Oscar Mingueza They have had such a fruitful season that their direct jump to the “older” team has been rumored.

Among these footballers that Luis Enrique has called in his last lists with the absolute, Bryan Gil has been the only one that De la Fuente has called up for the U21. His end of the season has left something to be desired with a declined Eibar and has not passed the cut for the Eurocup. For his part, the aforementioned Barça defender, Mingueza, he will not make the jump either in the tournament and will remain in its category.

Instead, the absence of Pedri or Eric García on the list, they suggest that both they will repeat with the absolute, after being called by Luis Enrique for the last FIFA window. Nor will he go with the ‘Rojita’ Pedro Porro, who appeared in the most recent call-up of the national team, and given the injuries of Carvajal and Lucas Vázquez and the shortage of players in that position, aim to be between 26 for the Eurocup.

It also points to the great continental tournament Ferran Torres. The Manchester City winger has not been with the U21 since 2019, but In the case of Luis Enrique not loving him, De la Fuente would not waste the opportunity to call a player of his quality and who is still older than the lower categories. In addition, with Spain he has played ten games scoring six goals, standing out in the facet that the national team most needs.

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