The tweeter and premeditated zasca from Paulo Futre to Paco Buyo after the Atlético de Madrid title

Paulo Futre

They say revenge is served cold, and Paulo Futre He has taken it to heart. The former player of the Atlético de Madrid took advantage of the league title won by the rojiblancos to reply to a tweet from Paco Buyo, exporter of Real Madrid, who made fun of him in February. At that time, the goalkeeper was drawing blood from a bad athletic streak and now he pays for his hesitation.

Buyo’s tweet corresponds to matchday 24, when Atlético de Madrid lost 0-2 to Levante. So the exporter published “My dear friend Paulo Futre, in a week of – 5 I send you all my support to LIFT your spirits. A hug”. Now, Futre has answered him with a “My dear friend Francisco Buyo, I also send you my support so that all your concerns remain in NOTHING. A hug”.

Not content with the exchange of taunts, Buyo returned to respond to Futre. “My dear friend Paulo Futre, congratulations on this eleventh league title. Now only one championship separates you from the legendary Paco Gento, who achieved 12 “, wrote in reference to the 11 league titles of Atlético de Madrid.

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