The ‘top scorer’ Gerard Moreno does not cut himself in La Resistencia: he cuts a sofa for Parejo promises a celebration in Europa League

Gerard Moreno, in La Resistencia

Gerard Moreno was the guest star on the last show of ‘The resistance‘by David Broncano. The Villarreal striker attended the preview of the last league match, but more importantly, of the grand final of the Europa League that the yellow team will play next Wednesday against an entire Manchester United.

The game was one of the topics of conversation during the night and as usual when a footballer goes to the program, Broncano likes it offer celebration ideas for when they score goals, as happened with Iago Aspas or Borja Iglesias. Gerard Moreno was not going to be less and proposed two dedications in case he scores against Manchester.

The presenter wanted to think this time about awareness against covid and that celebrated by pretending to be vaccinated in honor of health workers. “It’s fine although UEFA does a lot of anti-doping control, let’s see if they will think I’m doped,” said the forward, but after perfecting the technique he promised that “if he scores in the final, I do the celebration. As long as they are winning. “

Moreno also wanted to get his chest out of his goals in LaLiga after Broncano’s praise. “At the moment you are the second top scorer in the Spanish League, but as the first is Messi … I would say that you are the first scorer in LaLiga today“, assured the presenter.

Shortly after starting the program, the Villarreal forward wanted to remember the anecdote of his teammate Dani Parejo, who gave away the current sofa of the program. However, a contributor he ended up slitting it with a knife, so Gerard wanted get revenge on behalf of your friend.

“You destroyed my partner Dani Parejo’s sofa and would be fine as revenge, bust yours“Gerard Moreno joked while holding a knife that he had brought to cut a fuet that he brought to the program as a gift. After negotiating a bit, Broncano agreed and the forward was cruel to the” VIP sofa “that they have in the program.

Finally, Moreno wanted to face the famous program questions regarding sex and the money that the guests have. “I’ll get to the point, I don’t want to beat around the bush. I haven’t counted them, but this month we have had many games during the week, little time, the girls (4 and 1 year old) … Two or three a week. The ideal is to do it when the girls are sleeping, “he said.

As for the money, Gerard was direct. “I have five million euros in the bank“, settled.

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