The ten resolutions of women’s football for the year 2022

With the beginning of the New Year come the good resolutions to face the 12 months that we have ahead. From Mundo Deportivo, we have compiled the ten purposes of women’s football for 2022.

1 the birth of the professional league

For a long time there has been a cry for a professional Women’s First Division, but the constant obstacles and lack of understanding between the entities involved only stop this project. It only remains for the clubs to agree to approve the Statutes that give rise to this professionalization, the process of which began on June 15 with the qualification by the CSD.

2. Shine at the Euro

The women’s Eurocup is held from July 6 to 31 with a Spanish team that has entered, on its own merits, in the screening of firm contenders for the title. Those of Jorge Vilda They go to the event that is held in England with ambition, ready to play a prominent role after dazzling with their game in the last World Cup in 2019 and, why not? with the illusion of lifting the title.

3. Revalidate the Champions

Barça made history last season with the conquest of the triplet -Liga, Cup and Champions-, achieving the first European title for a Spanish club with its spectacular victory against Chelsea. The Catalans aspire to repeat the feat.

4. The return of Virginia Torrecilla

He has starred in one of the most followed stories of overcoming in the world of sports after overcoming a tumor in the brain. Now the midfielder is already training with Atlético with the hope of returning to the pitch.

5. Green light to televisions

It is an issue that goes hand in hand with the approval of the professional League. As soon as it has the green light, the television rights to the competition can be sold and the league can finally have the visibility it deserves.

6. End to the Calvary of the Ray

Rayo Vallecano has done nothing more than uncover all their miseries: first the players denounced their precarious situation in terms of facilities, material and personnel, compared to the men’s team, which led them to stand up during the derby against Real Madrid. And then they announced that they are traveling without a medical staff, a situation that must be fixed as soon as possible.

7. Going for the U20 and U17 World Cups

The Spanish U20 and U17 teams face the World Cup in their categories. The U20 World Cup in Costa Rica will be in August and the U17, which takes place in India and where Spain is still pending qualification, in October.

8. The ticket to the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand

On April 14 against Scotland will come a key match for Spain’s aspirations to achieve the ticket to the 2023 World Cup. A victory against La Roja’s greatest persecutor in the qualifying phase would give Vilda’s team a pass to the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

9. Renegotiate the collective agreement

It is one of the priorities of the new women’s soccer union, FUTPRO, who understands that the regulations of the collective agreement must be adapted to the new reality on issues such as maternity and the protection of female players, among others.

10. Eradicate homophobia

Even today you can see chapters like the one released by the Rosario Central Club footballer, Maira Sánchez, who was expelled by the board for “supposedly having kissed” with a partner. Several players have denounced the club for “gender discrimination”, a fact that is still recurrent in some countries.

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