The surprising excuses of the Brazilian soccer player Gabigol after being arrested in a clandestine casino in the middle of the pandemic

Gabriel Barbosa 'Gabigol' upon being arrested.

Football player Gabriel Barbosa ‘Gabigol’, player of the Flamengo and of the brazilian team, was arrested at dawn this Sunday in a party with about 200 people in a clandestine casino in Sao Paulo despite the curfew in force in the largest city in Brazil to combat COVID-19.

Gabigol was taken to a police station along with all the people surprised in the casino, including the popular funk singer MC Gui, where they were registered and notified that may be charged with crimes against public health before being released.

Commissioner Eduardo Brotero, responsible for the operation of the Civil Police, explained that all the people detained in the casino were released to avoid crowds within the police station itself, but some will be prosecuted for promoting illegal gambling or violating restrictive measures imposed to curb the pandemic.

In an interview he gave to the television show Fantastic, the player explained that he came to the place invited by friends to dinner, that he is not fond of gambling and that he did not know that the establishment was so crowded.

“I don’t usually go to casinos. The only thing I play is video games. I was with friends with whom I had gone to dinner. When we were going out, because we perceived that there were many people, the police arrived. vacation day and I was happy to be with my friends. I lacked sensitivity, but I was using a mask and hydroalcoholic gel “, He said.

The Sao Paulo police have had to disperse several clandestine parties, some with up to 600 people, since the regional government imposed new restrictive measures to try to stop the spread of the pandemic, including a night curfew, the closing of bars and restaurants and the prohibition of events and parties that generate crowds.

According to the police, most of the people surprised in the casino were without a mask, including Gabigol, who won the gold medal with the Brazilian team in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games and it was the top scorer in the Brazilian League in 2018 and 2019, as well as the Copa Libertadores in 2019.

Brotero explained that the Civil Police discovered the clandestine casino after receiving an anonymous complaint about an agglomeration in a four-story building in an affluent neighborhood of Sao Paulo and that both police and health agents participated in the operation.

“When we arrived at the place, to our surprise, it was not a clandestine party but a clandestine casino, and a very large one, with many people crowded exposing themselves to contagion,” he said.

In Sao Paulo, the so-called red phase of the confinement plan is currently in force, the most restrictive, because the state, as well as Brazil, has been registering records of deaths and cases of COVID in recent days.

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