The Superliga opens cracks in Spanish football

The Huesca players, with vindictive shirts before taking on Atlético.

The fracture in Spanish football that has generated the attempt by Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético to be part of the European Super League outside of UEFA, FIFA and the domestic leagues had its first staging this Thursday. The LaLiga member clubs gathered at an informative meeting on the state of European football to which the three founders of the disruptive tournament were not invited. Among the 39 clubs attending, between First and Second, disenchantment and a sense of betrayal reigned. Miguel Ángel Gil, owner of Atlético, is vice president of LaLiga, so his position was very weakened – on Wednesday he sent a letter to the rojiblancos partners apologizing for the conflict.

Allusions to contempt dominated the interventions against the big three. The first declarations of the president of Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, after the failure of the attempt to launch the Superliga, did not help to calm the spirits against the rebels either. “We had a position of prudence. The Super League is a necessity, but the last word will be had by the partners. The big clubs contribute a lot of resources and we have to be able to give our point of view regarding the economic distribution ”, said the Barça president. “The Super League has to be an attractive competition, based on sporting merits. We are advocates for the state leagues and we are open to an open dialogue with UEFA. We need more resources for this to be a great show ”. In the afternoon, Barcelona issued a statement in which he highlighted: “We must open a much more in-depth analysis on the reasons that have generated this reaction. [de los aficionados contra la Superliga] in order to reconsider, if necessary, and as necessary, the approach and the formula initially proposed to address and solve all those issues, always in the general interest of the world of football ”. In addition, the club remembered that it had legal protection against possible lawsuits.

However, Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, does not see clear that UEFA is willing to negotiate. “There was always dialogue until last Friday, which was the ECA meeting [Asociación de Clubes] and the reform of the Champions was voted in favor, including some of the Super League clubs. Suddenly they get the note on Sunday night. To dialogue is not to give what they ask for, but to talk about it in the institutions and there was already an agreement. Some of the clubs did not agree with the change and have gone to blow up the system, “Tebas said.

At the meeting, the Spanish clubs showed their irritation to see how three of their members embarked on a project that they understand seriously damages the commercial and expansive interests of the Spanish championship. So much so that Javier Tebas announced the development of measures against future actions of the same or similar importance that any club affiliated to LaLiga may undertake. “The Super League, as it has been presented, would be the end of the Spanish League. About 1,000 million euros less per season. The reputational sanction already has it. We at LaLiga are not going to apply sanctioning measures. Before looking at the sanctions, we have to think about protective measures for the future so that things like this do not happen again ”, warned the president of the employer’s association.

On the apocalyptic landscape that Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, Laporta and Juventus leaders have described, Tebas added: “Either they lie or they are wrong. They don’t help football, they destroy it. It surprises me that a businessman like Florentino, of a very high level, could be wrong. Spanish football is not going to be ruined in 2024. In the crisis, Spanish football has taken the necessary measures to come out as strong as possible. Spanish football has not asked the Government for help, it has paid all its taxes, the players have collected their debts … There is no catastrophe ”.

The leaders of the Spanish teams advocated studying a series of measures against those whose actions hinder or do not contribute to increasing the value of LaLiga. In this regard, Real Madrid is in the spotlight, accused of not respecting the audiovisual regulations during broadcasts.

The fines to the white club for not making a member of its coaching staff available to the televisions before the games or the players at the end of them are numerous. In his speech, Tebas stressed the fight he has with Florentino Pérez and warned that the Real Madrid leader is going to intensify the attacks on any LaLiga initiative simply for going against him.

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