The Superliga looks at itself in the mirror of the Euroleague, but it does not resemble the major American leagues

Euroleague match between Barça and Real Madrid.

The Super league it is not something new in European sport. In fact, the steps that the new continental soccer competition is taking follow a pattern that in its day already marked the Euroleague basketball, when several clubs stood up to the FIBA and they decided to go free, back in the year 2000.

After FIBA ​​signed at its own risk, excluding the clubs, a television contract with the Swiss network ISL, eight of the most powerful teams on the continent shaped the Euroleague. Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Baskonia, Olympiakos, AEK of Athens, Bennetton of Treviso, Fortitudo Bologna, Kinder Bologna Y Zalguiris created the Euroleague, breaking with the highest world basketball body.

As is happening with the Super League, the Euroleague received threats from FIBA. The then secretary general Borislav Stankovic assured that “If the clubs move outside the FIBA ​​and the national federations, their players will be excluded from international competitions”. It was never fulfilled, although to this day the war between FIBA ​​and the Euroleague remains relatively open with the ‘FIBA windows” Qualifiers for international team tournaments, which players from Euroleague teams cannot attend due to calendar matches.

However, the structure of the Euroleague that most closely resembles that of the Super League is the one that remains. since 2015, when she signed a contract with IMG and became more ‘closed’ than it already was. The 11 teams with ‘A license’ (Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Baskonia, Anadolu Efes, Fenerbahce, CSKA, Armani Milan, Maccabi, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and Zalgiris) approved the reduction of participants, from 24 to 16. To those 11 teams with a fixed place for ten years in the Euroleague are added the champions of three leagues, the champion of the Eurocup and a team from a previous phase. Over time, Bayern and ASVEL They also got a permanent license and the merit positions were further reduced, creating a format that continues to operate at full capacity today.

Florentino Pérez has been talking for a long time about the possibility of including Real Madrid basketball in the NBA or in a kind of ‘European division’ of the League. Many now see in the Super League a football version of that NBA so desired by Florentino. However, the similarities are not as clear as with the Euroleague.

The four major North American leagues, that is, NBA, NFL American football MLB baseball and NHL ice hockey, are completely closed. There are no promotions or demotions, and the entry of new franchises or teams must be consensual and approved by all those who make up the competition. In addition, with the exception of the NFL, all franchises in all leagues have development teams for the formation of emerging talent.

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