The Superliga fails: Real Madrid and Barça are left alone after the other teams in the project flee

Exodus in the Super League

The unilateral break of the Super league on the part of the English he mortally wounded the tournament. They officially move on without the British, but there are already several teams that are trying to leave.

After the departure of Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, and that Inter de Milan and the Juventus (one of the main actors of the project) will advance that they were going to be the following to abandon ship, has been the Atlético de Madrid who has come forward with a statement in which they confirm their departure. Inter himself went later and around noon he was followed by Milan.

Real Madrid Y FC Barcelona they stay alone next to Juventus… for now. The blaugrana affirm that they do not rule out any scenario, but right now it is practically impossible to sustain the tournament in its current terms.

The first of the Italians to leave were those of the Inter de Milan. The ‘Nerazzurri’ have received, like the other founders, numerous pressures from UEFA, the fans and the other clubs in their respective Leagues, and seeing that the boat is leaking everywhere, they get off. Giuseppe Marotta, CEO of Inter, was clear in statements to ‘El Partidazo de COPE’ in the previous morning. “We will probably go out”, He pointed out to the Spanish media, and explained to the ANSA agency that “the project is no longer considered to be of interest to the club.”

They confirmed it hours later in a statement. “FC Internazionale Milano confirms that it is no longer part of the Super League project. Our commitment to all stakeholders to improve the football industry will never change.”

Marotta was, according to accusations, one of the main promoters of the Superliga. The president of Torino, Urban Cairo, accused him already Andrea Agnelli, president of the Juventus, of “negotiating with both sides”, referring to the fact that his positioning with the Super League was made in parallel to the promises to continue in Serie A in the event of a possible breakdown. However, for Agnelli they were the harshest words: “It’s a Judas”.

Agnelli, betrayed by his good friend Ceferin, initially maintained his confidence in the Super League. “There is a blood pact between our clubs and we keep moving forward. It has a one hundred percent probability of success, “he told ‘La Reppublica’, and explained that viability was still feasible.

“We want create the best competition in the world capable of benefiting the entire football pyramid, increasing the distribution of resources among the other clubs and remaining open with five places available each year for the others, which will be defined through dialogue with the football institutions, “he insisted.

However, as the hours passed, his strength was breaking down. The opening of the Milan Stock Exchange was a determining factor: Juventus shares lost 11%. Faced with this situation, in statements to Reuters, Agnelli admitted that “you cannot have a six-team tournament” and that right now it is not feasible to maintain the initial idea.

They could not hold out any longer and at noon, they announced their departure from the project in a statement in which, without saying it as clearly as the rest, it shows their acceptance that there is no more route.

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