The Students, again on the brink of the abyss

Estudiantes closed another calamitous season in the ACB with a home loss to San Pablo Burgos (82-88), the ninth in a row, and fell a hand from the precipice of relegation to the LEB, with only nine wins in 36 games. . With my soul in suspense pending the match on Sunday at 12.30 between Bilbao Basket and Joventut de Badalona, ​​that nothing is at stake. Miribilla’s team depends on himself and if he wins Penya he will be saved and will condemn the Ramiro de Maeztu club to a historic decline. It would be the third on the track, after the registered 2012 and 2016 that the club saved in extremis in the playoff of the offices.

“I would like to show my face publicly as captain of the team to thank the fans for all the messages during the week towards the team and towards me,” said Edgar Vicedo, who arrived injured at the game with San Pablo Burgos and could barely play seven minutes. “It’s a very screwed-up moment. But thanks for always being there. For not lowering his arms until the end ”, he explained before making an emotional praise to the quarry from which he comes. “I want to applaud the commitment of the kids, leaving their lives day by day, for days like today. To show that they are ready to take the leap. As captain I am proud of them. What they have done is not easy, always at the foot of the canyon, and we have to value it very much ”, Vicedo closed. With a very depleted and disfigured squad, Adams Sola (20 years old), Rubén Domínguez (18) and Nacho Varela (21) joined the attempt to certify the permanence, but the collegiate resources were not enough to overcome the Champions Fiba champion. The threat of relegation looms again over Magariños.

In May 2012, Estudiantes sealed their first relegation. Then, the resignations of his place in the Endesa de Menorca League and CB Canarias – which he later achieved by buying the Alicante license – led to the rescue of the Ramiro de Maeztu team in the administrative play-off in September after 30 days in hell. In June 2016, history repeated itself. Both Palencia, champion of the LEB Oro; like Melilla, who won the ticket to the ACB in the playoff they communicated to the ACB their inability to meet within the established term the payment of the nearly 7 million they needed to achieve the place in the elite. On this occasion, Magariños are back on the ledge, with their sporting future in the hands of third parties after a tortuous journey that seems to have no end.

Students, one of the six founders of the National League, the current ACB, only fell outside the top eight places in the table in seven of the 54 editions held between 1956 and 2010, with four runners-up as major milestones (in the courses 1962-1963, 1967-1968, 1980-1981 and 2003-2004) and always away from any qualifying rush. However, in the last decade the ordeal has not ceased, with the two aforementioned declines, a bankruptcy, several sporting lurch and a crisis that does not stop. In the last 11 seasons, 11 coaches have paraded through Magariños (Luis Casimiro, Pepu Hernández, Trifón Poch, Txus Vidorreta, Diego Ocampo, Sergio Valdeolmillos, Salva Maldonado, Josep María Berrocal, Aleksandar Dzikic, Javier Zamora and the current occupant of the bench, Jota Cuspinera) and more than 80 signings with uneven background and little journey.

Some of such little journey as JJ Barea, from the arrival as an idol in February to the fugitive march 10 days ago due to family homesickness. In these years, the collegiate team has not surpassed the 11th place in the ACB classification, now it is one foot from the precipice. Against San Pablo Burgos, Barea was not there to pitch in on the last day, which he mistakenly considered as a formality. A month ago, the club already experienced the departure of Italian Alessandro Gentile (to recover in his country from the aftermath of the covid) and the final discharge of Frenchman Edwin Jackson (after his relapse of the wrist injury), the squad left decapitalizing until reaching the last game with seven available players plus the recruited youth players to complete the list. It was not enough to escape the burning. The future of Estudiantes is played on Sunday in Miribilla.

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