The referee who denied the goal to Cristiano Ronaldo with Portugal apologizes publicly

Referee Danny Makkelie receives complaints from the Portuguese players.

Danny Makkelie has apologized, twice. The referee who did not validate the goal of Cristiano Ronaldo that would have meant Portugal’s victory over Serbia in the qualifying phase for Qatar 2022 has spoken in A Ball and has declared that, after seeing the images of the play, he went to apologize to the Portuguese coach for his mistake. Something that the coach already said at the time, but now the referee corroborates.

“According to FIFA policy, all I can say is that I apologized to the national coach, Mr. Fernando Santos, and to the Portuguese team for what happened. As a team of referees, we always work hard to make good decisions. When we are the center of the news in this way, it does not satisfy us at all, “explained Makkelie in the Portuguese newspaper.

All the controversy was unleashed when the Corazoleño referee did not concede a phantom goal from Portugal against Serbia, causing extreme anger from Cristiano Ronaldo, who left the field in injury time, taking off his captain’s armband and throwing it to the ground.

Cristiano explained what happened after the match: “Being captain of the Portugal team is one of the greatest prides and privileges of my life. I give thanks and I will always give everything for my country, that will never change. But there are difficult times to face, especially when we feel that an entire nation is being affected. Raise your head and face the next challenge! Strength, Portugal! ”.

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