The reason why Koeman was expelled and the technician does not share: “It is not fair”

Koeman: "We have improved things compared to the Super Cup"

Ronald Koeman was expelled in the course of the meeting between FC Barcelona and Granada at the Camp Nou that the culés lost by 1-2, wasting the opportunity to become leaders in the table.

The match referee, González Strong, showed the Barça coach the red card and the reason was later reflected in the minutes: “Told him ‘what a character’ to the fourth official “. A reason for expulsion with which Koeman does not agree and so stated at a press conference.

“I do not think that my expulsion has harmed the team. I have not been wrong … According to the minutes I have disrespected the fourth official and for me it is not like that. Disrespect is insulting and I think I only commented on several plays always respectfully towards him. I want you to tell me what words I have used because I have not used bad words. Not once “, indicated the technician culé.

“The expulsion affects me because it is not fair. I would assume it if I had been disrespectful, I have not done anything wrong. What the referee says is not like that. We have to wait on this topic and I can’t say anything more“, Koeman settled on the direct red that he saw in the 66th minute of the game and that, unless Barça recurs, it will prevent him from being on the bench in the match against Valencia next Sunday.

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