The reason why Elche’s penalty did not have to be repeated even though Oblak went ahead

The penalty in Elche vs.  Athletic

The Atletico Madrid he was saved in the discount of what could have meant the loss of his leadership in LaLiga. However, Elche forgave the equalizer in the 91st minute after Fidel missed a penalty signaled by Marcos Llorente in a set piece. The midfielder fired the shot at the post and the goal was confirmed. 1-0 definitive.

However, the controversy was unleashed when seeing the repetition of the shot, not by the action of the franjiverde player, if not by Oblak, who visibly forward before the executor kicks. We recall that the regulations indicate that goalkeepers have to have at least one foot above the goal line at the moment the penalty is taken, otherwise it will be repeated and the goalkeeper will be cautioned.

However, the legislation specifies some cases in which the goalkeeper’s position should not be taken into account, which has saved Oblak and Atlético. What the ball hit the post and the Slovenian had no clear influence on the pitcher, the offense committed by the goalkeeper is not taken into account and the launch must not be repeated.

This was taken into account by both the referee Melero López and his colleagues in the VOR room, letting the game continue and not asking for the re-execution of the penalty.

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