The Real Madrid and FC Barcelona season: Failure or just disappointment?

A moment from the last Madrid - Barça, two of the clubs that support the new Super League.

Not winning the League has meant a hard stick for Real Madrid and Barcelona, two teams for which not achieving the domestic championship is always, at least, a tough stick. For both whites and blaugranas it is the confirmation that the season has been rather disappointing, close to failure.

It has been a very hard year for the two transatlantic Spanish football, due to different circumstances, and it is time for a calm analysis so that things change in the next campaign. Joan Laporta has already announced a revolution, while Florentino Pérez hinted at another the day he announced the creation of the failed Super League.

A blank year for the madridistas, without no title. The irregular season of Real Madrid could not be fixed in a season finale that has touched the heroic due to the numerous casualties of the team and the titanic effort of many players, on the verge of exhaustion due to a necessary overexertion.

The league comeback could not be completed and in Europe, the semifinals leave a good taste in the mouth, but insufficient in a club used to winning everything.

The bad start has weighed too much. No signingsThe club not only had to get by without new faces – only the return of Odegaard, who also came out in winter – but also decided to sell or transfer to several more than interesting players such as Reguilón or Achraf. How well both would have come before the plague of injuries in the defense.

Those of Zidane soon they saw how Atlético distanced themselves in the League and the bad results in the Champions League, where the team flirted with the elimination, even made the rumors about the departure of the French coach constant.

With the European qualification saved, two major setbacks came in January. To get started, elimination in the semifinals of the Super Cup before the Royal Society. Later, much more serious, the debacle against Alcoyano that left the whites out of the Copa del Rey to the first of change. A Second B took the colors out of the Madridistas.

When things were worse, Real Madrid brought out its competitive spirit, the champion. The league comeback began and they beat Atalanta and Liverpool in the Champions League. The whites were planted in April with options to make a Double.

Chelsea did not give the slightest option in the continental semifinals, while in the league one play could change everything. Militao touched the ball with his arm in the area against Sevilla and the VAR notified the referee, who signaled a penalty invalidating a maximum penalty in favor of the whites that had occurred in the following play. Without a doubt, the most important action in the League. The Real Madrid, which would have been the leader, exploded against the arbitrations and against the VAR, with Zidane at the helm.

The Madridistas no longer depended on themselves, and everything pointed to a season without any title, which was confirmed this Saturday in the last league match. Failure or simple disappointment? Real Madrid cannot be blamed for not having tried everything, but their reaction has been a bit late and insufficient. Now everything points to the end of the cycle with the doubt of what will happen to the future of Zidane. Perhaps it is the beginning of a new era.

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