The reaction of the candidates for the Barça presidency after the arrest of Bartomeu and ‘Barçagate’

The three candidates to be president of FC Barcelona in the March 7 elections;  Víctor Font, Toni Freixa and Joan Laporta (from left to right)

The Camp Nou registration which has led to the arrest of Josep Maria Bartomeu and three other directors of the FC Barcelona it has arrived on the first day of the week of the presidential elections.

Whoever occupies it, one of his first functions will be to clean up the prestige of the club from an institutional point of view and try to erase what happened, especially in Bartomeu’s last year at the head of the club.

According to the news of the arrest of the former president, many glances have gone to the social networks of Víctor Font, Joan Laporta and Toni Freixa. Your opinion is not trivial in this matter and you can even change your voting intention if it is not what your potential voters expect.

The first to refer to what happened explicitly was Freixa, who was a manager with both Laporta and Bartomeu himself. “Too many people wanting to hurt Barça. We will not allow it. You will never Walk alone“He wrote on twitter. The last sentence has generated not a little controversy, since it is not clear whether it refers to the club as an entity or to the detained Bartomeu.

Not directly, but through a retweet, Victor Font has positioned itself on the critical wing of what happened. He has done so by acting as a speaker for a message from Oriol Soler, director of the platform, which has analyzed Bartomeu’s arrest from a broader point of view.

“We must completely put an end to corruption and corruption. They neutralize us, they kill the meritocracy … It is a way of making visible an era that must be eradicated, if we want to move forward as a country without hindrance or fear. It is my main reason to support Víctor Font“, He has written.

Joan Laporta, the great favorite according to the polls, has been the only one who has not said anything about it. Neither in his personal social networks nor in those of the candidacy of his project has he referred to the arrest of the Blaugrana managers.

He has only shared an electoral message asking for the vote and the praise received from Rafael Yuste, one of those who will enter the Board if he wins on Sunday.

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