The public returns to the football stadiums

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga.

The clubs barely attend the market, worried about balancing the accounts since the fields were closed due to the covid-19 pandemic. But after a year, it seems that the progressive return of the fans is a fact. Thus, there will be an audience in the final of the Copa del Rey between Athletic and Real Sociedad – it is the one from the previous season, postponed precisely because everyone wanted to participate in the party – which will be held on April 3 at La Cartuja de Sevilla as advanced by Cadena SER. The condition, in any case, is that there will be around 25% of the capacity and only tickets will be sold in Andalusia to avoid travel from the Basque Country.

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, already advanced in the morning the gradual return of the public to the fields in a breakfast with Europa Press. “If the circumstances arise, yes. We are already prepared, we would have been months ago, but there are circumstances that we cannot control. We have been here for a year, we have learned, and we hope that in the third week of April we can begin to have a percentage in the stadiums ”, Tebas resolved.

While in other countries a percentage of fans had been admitted to stadiums, such as Germany and Italy, not in Spain. “Following what the Secretary of State for Sports, Irene Lozano, has said, we all hope that after Easter we can set ourselves a quick date. Everyone is very cautious about Easter, a key moment to see how things are going ”, explained Tebas. And he continued: “We hope that the rebound is less than at Christmas and allows us to return to the stadiums. If the CSD and the Government and the Communities see the circumstances, then to return ”.

Good news for football, also for hobbies. Especially for Athletic, which has two Cup finals to play. The one that will beat him with Real Sociedad -the Spanish Federation has summoned the two teams for this Thursday to report on the aspects related to the duel and the return of the fans- and this season, which will measure him with Barcelona (17 April).

On the other hand, the meeting between CSD, ACB and LaLiga is still pending, but everything suggests that it can be resolved in this line, unless the contagion data of Easter oblige otherwise.

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