The PSOE will propose in Congress that football matches be stopped when there are homophobic shouts

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The PSOE will defend this Tuesday in the Culture and Sports Commission of Congress an initiative with which it seeks that the Government promote a campaign against LGTBIphobia in sports in general and, especially, in football, and to this end it proposes that matches are interrupted for five minutes or sporting events when they register yelling or homophobic attitudes.

The socialists justify the presentation of this proposition not of law before the “great hostility “which they claim exists in sport in general, particularly in soccer, towards the presence of visible LGTBI people among the fans, technical, managerial and sports teams.

Specifically, they state that studies on the LGTBI population reveal that at least the 6% of the European population considers itself a member of this group, which, according to their calculations, would mean that “in Spain around 1.3 million LGTBI people would practice sports and 270 of the 4,453 high-level athletes that had been cataloged by the Higher Sports Council in 2017 would belong to this group “.

And, by disciplines, they calculate that there would be “just over 42,000 federated LGTBI footballers“According to official data from 2016, among which 142 would do so as professionals. However, they regret that” very few “athletes have acknowledged belonging to this group.

For this reason, with its proposal, the PSOE intends that the Superior Sports Council promote a awareness campaign, training and fight against LGTBIphobia, which could also include fighting against racism, xenophobia and hate violence, and that it would be aimed at athletes, fans, managers, technicians, specialized media and society in general.

Specifically, it suggests modify the Action Protocol for the restoration of normality in sports competitions, tests or shows referred to in article 15.2 of the Law against racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport.

This article states that the referee or sports judge may provisionally suspend the sporting event when there is violent, racist, xenophobic or intolerant behaviorAnd the socialists want “intolerant” acts against the LGTBI community or violence against women to be included in this relationship. “

The PSOE’s proposal also calls on the Government to promote, within the framework of its powers, courses towards managerial, technical and sports personnel, respect for diversity and, in general, and the reality of LGTBI people in particular, in the manner of those taught by the Sports and Diversity association in the Community of Madrid.

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