“The protests that led to the suspension of Manchester United – Liverpool are just the beginning”

Manchester United fans protest against the club's owners.

The ex-footballer of the Manchester United Roy keane gave his opinion on Sky Sports about what happened on Sunday afternoon, when several groups of fans protested against the owners of the club and forced the suspension of the match between United and the Liverpool after invading Old trafford and, on the other hand, prevent the players from being able to travel from the hotel to the stadium. According to him, “this is just the beginning.”

The United fans have had enough and are doing it because they love the club. It is not only the result of what happened the last two weeks with the Super League, but it has been building for several years. They’ve reached the limit and they feel like enough is enough, ”Keane said. “There has been a build-up of tension. The club’s leadership has not been good enough. When they look at the owners, they feel like they are only thinking about making money. United fans have looked at the Glazers and thought enough is enough. They do it because they love the club ”.

For Roy Keane, “some people will disagree with this, but sometimes you have to do something to make people notice. This will go out all over the world and hopefully Manchester United owners will sit down and take notice. These amateurs are extremely serious and this is just the beginning of united fans. I can guarantee it ”.

After several hours of uncertainty and different scenarios being considered, the Premier League and the two teams involved in the match decided that it was not safe to play the match, so the British competition postponed it until a suitable date was found to hold it.

Along the same lines that Keane expressed himself Gary neville, also in Sky Sports. The former player harshly criticized the Glazer family, owners of Manchester United, and called for a change of scene at the club.

The Glazer family has been tough and stubborn for many, many years. If you look back you see that they chose in 2004 the club that had the best stadium in the country, one of the best in Europe. The best training ground in the country, probably in Europe. A team that reached the quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals of the Champions League regularly, and won the league every season, or every other season at the most, ”Neville commented. “You look at the stadium now and you’ll see how rusty and rotten. The training ground is probably not even in the top five in the country, we haven’t reached a Champions League semi-final in 10 years and we haven’t won a league in eight, ”the former footballer continued.

“The grounds around the stadium are undeveloped, idle and abandoned, while all the other clubs seem to be working on the facilities and the fans’ experiences. The Glazer family is struggling to meet financial requirements and fans have said enough is enough. My opinion on this is simply that they are going to make a fortune if they sell this football club, and if they put it up for sale now, I think it would be the right time and it would be the most honorable thing they could do, ”Neville finished.

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