The Pope praises Guardiola’s attitude after losing the Champions League: “Even in defeat there can be a victory”

Pope Francis and Pep Guardiola

The Pope Francisco praised the “attitude to defeat” of the coach of the Manchester City, Pep Guardiola, for his gesture when kissing the silver medal after losing the Champions League final against him last Saturday Chelsea.

“Normally, when we remain in second place, we are sad, sad, and I am not saying that we throw away the medal, but we would have wanted to. And he kissed the medal,” said the pontiff, alluding to the Catalan coach, although without expressly quoting him, in an audience with the delegation of the Italian Basketball Federation on the occasion of its centenary.

Francisco highlighted Guardiola’s behavior in the Champions League final: “I would like to highlight the attitude towards defeat. They have told me that one of these days – I don’t know where – there was a winner and one who finished second, who didn’t make it. And the one who finished second kissed the medal“he explained.

“This teaches us that even in defeat there can be a victory”, reflected Francisco, adding that failures make “understand that in life not everything is sweet, not everything is always winning.”

The pope recognized the overcoming of Guardiola’s defeat and assured that when an athlete acts “like this, with dignity, with humanity, with a great heart, it is a true reward, a true human victory.”

The photo of Guardiola kissing the medal achieved by his runner-up in the Champions League went viral on social networks after after the final of the Europa LeagueLast Wednesday, most Manchester United players took it off after losing to Villarreal.

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