The owner of a Chinese club forces the coach of the team to put his son of 126 kilos

The son of the owner of the Zibo Cuju enters the field

Unbelievable images coming from the second division of China, where the Zibo Cuju has added two additions to its first squad after He shihua buy the club: the owner himself and his son.

One of the conditions that the Asian billionaire put to acquire the club was that both he and his son were part of the team and this last weekend, it was the young man who debuted with Zibo Cuju. Nothing more and nothing less, carrying the number ‘7‘.

As if it were not enough, the young man, more than 120 kilos, left a repertoire of Dantesque plays in for a game of the first level, even if it is one less division like the Chinese one. In addition, it was the in charge of executing all set pieces which your team enjoyed.

Shihua himself has also played a game, wearing the ’10’ and debuted at the beginning of the month. However, the owner’s relationship with the squad is quite satisfactory, and on occasion it is part of their training sessions and their meals.

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