The options of the clubs to distribute the tickets if the public returns: who will be able to attend the games?

Atlético de Madrid fans in the stands of the Wanda Metropolitano.

Soccer continues to work on get back to normal as soon as possible and the return of stadium fans is closer than ever. Various media reported on Tuesday night that LaLiga’s idea is allow access, always reduced, by the public to the soccer fields for the last four days, once the Alarm Status has ended.

All this, always with the authorization of the Higher Sports Council and the Ministry of Health of the proposal in which the Government is also working. If the entrance of fans is finally allowed, it remains to be known how much audience will be allowed, if it will be a percentage of the stadium’s capacity or a specific maximum number for everyone.

In principle, it will be the subscribers and partners who will have preference when claiming their tickets but It will be each club that chooses how to distribute the seats. In this way, clubs are already working to haggle one of the big problems they can face if they end up opening for their fans: how to distribute these tickets.

A system used in large appointments such as Finals on neutral ground or tournaments such as the World Cup or the European Championship, is the raffle of the tickets. All this, after the opening of a registration period for these and as long as the tickets demanded are higher than those offered.

Similarly, this raffle could establish which number of members -or registrants- are eligible for these entries through a pure draw, or determine a rank in which those included can request their pass.

Another way that would be more interesting for the fans, avoiding the injustices that chance may present, is to allow them choose a specific party, in order to allow a greater number of members and subscribers to once again enjoy football in the first person. Again, in the case where there is more demand than supply for a match, the tickets would be raffled.

This format also seeks a fairer way of distributing the inputs, so that If a member or subscriber has to go to a match, they will be automatically discarded for the next, giving more options to those not graceful for the next meetings. This option is already being considered by some teams for both this season and the next, still with the fans questioning.

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