The open fronts Florentino Pérez: the substitute for Zidane, Ramos, Mbappé, the Super League, the stadium works …

Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid

The Real Madrid It is, possibly, the most schizophrenic sports entity in the world, both due to its relevance and due to the continuous fluctuations in its state of mind. Capable of being kings of Europe and be continually questioned, or be praised without gaining anything for fighting to the end. All this promoted with a well-lubricated media apparatus, either for or against.

One of the figures that provokes the most sensations is Florentino Pérez. The white president never draws, or wins by a landslide or loses in a resounding way, but he usually comes out well from crises … until now. The open letter by Zinedine Zidane after their farewell they have made it clear that juggling with so many open fronts is getting out of hand.

Zidane has gotten off the boat, in his words, because Real Madrid I no longer gave him the confidence he needed. The continuous leaks (of which he has also participated when it has been good for him, like everyone else) about his future in the midst of fighting for sporting goals have made him leave the team for the third time.

Pérez considers this a betrayal (and they do it three times, two as a coach), leaving him an important ‘brown’: finding a replacement. Allegri is already tired of waiting and has agreed to return to the Juventus, where he reached his highest levels of success as a coach, and the list is getting smaller and smaller.

Antonio Conte left the Inter de Milan champion, aware that Florentino already tested him in the past, while Mauricio Pochettino He does not look with bad eyes to find a place at the Bernabéu if he manages to leave PSG where he has not achieved the planned successes. In the bedroom, Raul Gonzalez, about which there are doubts about whether he is ready for such a challenge … especially since it is a bullet in the chamber for Florentino that he still does not want to spend.

Due to his preponderance in the team, he is the one who is taking all the spotlights, but Sergio Ramos He is by no means the only one who has the door more than open. The captain neither renews nor leaves, stays one month for the contract to end and the offer (one year and 10% less salary) falters, since staying out of the Eurocup has left him in shock by the unexpected.

But like Ramos there are other players who are not guaranteed their future, far from it: Lucas Vázquez, Marcelo, Asensio, Isco, Varane … And that’s not counting the loans that return, like Gareth Bale, Martin Odegaard or Dani ceballos.

Florentino Pérez could use very well to have a sports director, beyond Jose Angel Sanchez (CEO and executive arm), to resolve this.

Few signings, if not any, would excite Real Madrid more in this situation than that of Kylian Mbappé. The renovation that the white club requires to once again be the reference and put fear on the international scene (even more so) requires a crack of his height. The French can’t wink anymore He only needs to say publicly that he wants to play for Real Madrid, but there are many stones on the way.

PSG has before it a dilemma: agree to sell it for a price close to the 100 million, less than half of its market valuation, or it will go in one year free and lose all the capital gain possible. Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Florentino Pérez have (had) a very fluid relationship and the operation will be negotiated between them.

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