The Olympic Games are in danger for Carolina Marín: the crusader of the left knee is injured

The Tokyo Olympics are in danger for Carolina Marín. The 27-year-old from Huelva has an affected left knee anterior cruciate ligament. This has been determined by the first tests that he underwent this afternoon at the Cemtro Clinic. Fernando Rivas, her coach, has taken her there after poor support in morning training. The feelings within the team are not good and it is possible that the reigning Olympic champion will not be able to defend the gold of Rio 2016.

Rivas, the physical trainer and the physios have met this Friday to see what recovery treatment they can follow and what can be done to prevent the Huelva-born woman from having to undergo surgery again. Doctors at Cemtro have advised them to wait a couple of days to see how the knee evolves. They have neither assured nor ruled out that he will have to undergo surgery. Even without her, the Games are in danger for Marín.

Badminton qualifiers start in two months; July 24. Marín, who had been vaccinated just this week, was finishing the final stretch of preparation and had given up playing the Huelva tournament because he already had enough points in the Olympic ranking to be seeded in the Games.

The Huelva-born woman had broken her right knee cross at the end of January 2019 in Indonesia, in the last tournament of her winter Asian tour. It was the worst injury of his career. He underwent surgery and a week later he was back on the track, he trained handicap with one goal: to recover in time for the Games.

He did, in September of that same year he returned to competition. And he won the China Open. His coach said that the injury had even had good things. That had made him regain the spark to pursue his second Olympic gold and enter badminton history. “Blessed injury that allowed us to change the monotony towards where I perceived the training was heading. We were able to take a radical turn of that. They are 13 years together, many, and it is increasingly difficult to motivate a girl who has won everything, “Rivas detailed in a talk with this newspaper in December 2019.” During the months of recovery we have changed the patterns and we have resumed things that we had done well and that we stopped doing because we took them for granted. The injury has been a challenge for us, a novelty, the spark has arisen again and you say: ‘Wow, now it would be epic to win the Olympic Games’. Well come on, we are going to win them and you put the batteries. It’s like an extra challenge when you’ve won everything, “he added.

The batteries were only turned off when his father passed away in the summer of last year. It was a very hard emotional blow for Marín. He also knew how to handle it and transform it into a second extra motivation to chase the gold in Tokyo. The pandemic and the postponement of the Games of one year suited him well for that. To re-focus, to put things in their place, to regain emotional stability. He acknowledged to this newspaper that he is not a robot and that in those months in which his father was admitted, it was impossible for him to have his head in training and in his daily work.

Overcome the bump, he started 2021 like a shot. He won two tournaments in a row in Thailand and missed the third (the Masters Cup). At the beginning of May he won his fifth European in a row. Nothing foreshadowed what happened this Friday in training.

The traumatologist Luis González Lago pointed out that women suffer more relapses (35%) than men and that, in addition, they are more likely to tear the cruciate ligament than men, who suffer more from the lateral ligament. The reason, according to specialists, is purely anatomical. Women have a wider pelvis than men to be able to give birth, so they tend to bring their knees closer when they run (the so-called valgus). When the knee gives way in a dynamic valgus fall, like the one Marín suffered in Indonesia in 2019, it is the crusader that suffers the most.

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