The official Superliga jerseys go on the market for just over 2 euros

The Premier League Big Six Super League jerseys.

The Super league failed even before the official presentation of the project, and with it the entire merchandising that they had prepared for launch, including the official competition jerseys.

The strategy in Great Britain was to put on the market six models of T-shirts with the slogan “New Era” and the colors and the name of the Big Six, the six teams of the Premier League that are part of the twelve founding clubs of the Super League. The sale price to the public was going to be 35 euros, but the fiasco of the project has led the company Wholesale Clearance UK to buy a total of 70,000 shirts to sell for 2.30 euros.

“We are challenged to find buyers for these jerseys. These limited edition jerseys are like time capsules of the worst 48 hours for any football fan. If you want to be a proud owner of these jerseys to remind you how terrible the owners still are of the teams, this is your chance “, point from Wholesale Clearance UK.

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