The numbers of the Spanish team for the Eurocup: Ramos’ ’15’ is left without an owner

The numbers of the Spanish National Team for the Eurocup.

No Spanish international of the 24 who will play Euro 2020 has chosen the number 15 they were defending Sergio Ramos, the great absence after being ruled out by coach Luis Enrique.

Pedri, who goes to his first big date, will wear the 26 on his back and Aymeric Laporte will debut with the 24.

Spain will go to the European Championship without the 15th, the number with which Sergio Ramos was proclaimed world champion and won two consecutive European Cups. No footballer chose him and it is the only number that they left without an owner in the distribution of numbers in order according to the seniority of the internationals.

César Azpilicueta chose number 2 for his return to the national team, Pau Torres will go to the European Championship with the 4 that Íñigo Martínez used to wear, while the 6 goes from Sergio Canales to Marcos Llorente.

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