The new logo of the RFEF provokes a wave of memes and ridicule: “In any box of medicines it would be luxurious”

The new RFEF logo

After more than 30 years using the design of an Italian company based on the work of Joan Miro, which had been his image since 1990, the RFEF has presented your new corporate image for a much simpler one but that has caused a wave of criticism.

Not so much because of its design, which is simple but meets the intended objective, but because it is remarkably similar to other brands. Its simplicity, in addition, has another detail behind it that has not gone unnoticed: the new logo is taken from a template of, a website specialized in simplified graphic design with which some of the artistic essence which showed the previous design.

“Our brand had to advance, with elegance and simplicity, but with power. We want it to be a benchmark. Hopefully our new brand will accompany us in more important successes. The brands of our teams, of our competitions, of all the women and men who make up the Federation. Everyone will feel it as their own to generate a powerful image “, explained the president of the RFEF at the opening. Luis Rubiales.

The ‘memes‘in this regard, which suggests that the fans have not been very satisfied.

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