The new coat of arms of La Roja

The Spanish Football Federation has presented this Tuesday a new shield for the team and also a new institutional logo that replaces the one designed by an Italian company in 1988 inspired by the style of Joan Miró and established under the presidency of Ángel María Villar shortly after get this to office.

“It is important that we know the reason for this change. Our brand had to move forward, with elegance and simplicity, but with power. The brands of our teams, of our competitions, of all women and men that make up the federation evolve. They will all feel as their own to generate a powerful image ”, assured the federative president, Luis Rubiales, during the presentation ceremony.

For its part, Paul coppel, designer of the logo from the central circle of a field of play, pointed out: “The Federation is football. It is a sport for everyone and for everyone. They are all disciplines, competitions, the referees, the committees, the fans ”. The creator went through a year and a half of work to reach the final result: “It is a coherent and orderly architecture with which to present the Federation’s brands.”

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