The networks are primed with the Eurocup mascot: the best memes and the cruelest comparisons

Skillzy, the mascot of the Eurocup

Less and less is missing for the arrival of the longed-for Eurocup, which despite being a year late, will be played with the same enthusiasm and emotion. With the countdown coming to an end and the tournament fever rising higher and higher, fans have rescued the tournament’s mascot, Skillzy.

However, a large part of these have not been satisfied at all with the choice of design and they have been ruthless with comparisons and jokes in social networks. From similarities with a LaLiga footballer to jokes with the lack of creativity with the creators.

A large majority agree that Skillzy is a MDLR (‘mec de la rue’ or ‘boy from the street’, in Spanish), a style that is becoming more and more fashionable among European youth. In fact, the Eurocopa itself describes the design as “a character inspired by freestyle culture“, giving it a similar appearance.

Many others have also highlighted Similar with the Celta de Vigo footballer, Iago Aspas, with the singer Dwell, or with the designs of the masks from the Mask Singer and Sergio Ramos program.

They could not miss the jokes with the lack of creativity of the creators before the already cataloged as “least charismatic pet ever“, to which the restrictions” have left him without a neck. “

Although originally the idea that tournament mascots were inspired by animals, in recent years this trend has turned towards humans, but every time I like it less to the fans.

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