The most worrying Spain

With the bad drink of the draw against Greece (1-1) and the hurried victory in Georgia (1-2) kicking in, Spain will face Kosovo this Wednesday (20.45, La 1) at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville. The same scenario in which in November it was deployed authoritarian and overwhelming against Germany (6-0). Four months later, the last two performances by La Roja have lowered the state of optimism. If for a time the selection was blamed for a lack of goal and scorers to crystallize the high number of chances it created, against Greeks and Georgians the alarms were unleashed because the game produced a low volume of opportunities.

Kosovo, another rival of the third or fourth wagon of European football, measures whether the state of concern that Luis Enrique admitted in the Tbilisi press room will continue. Another slip would leave the selection and the coach himself very touched. “After a specific and punctual game that was a party like the one in Germany, we all thought that there was a selection machine. The Spain that was world champion won with results by the minimum. Nobody wins easily, it costs a lot. After winning one of the world powers there was euphoria and we warned that it would not be like that ”, Luis Enrique claimed yesterday.

The coach confirms again and again his belief in the plan of not having an eleven designed and of the novelties that he offers in each list. He is firmly convinced that the path he has chosen is the correct one for the team to regain the competitive pulse that it did not have in the last two World Cups (2014 and 2018) and in the 2016 European Championship. signed. I believe in that and in my experience with that idea since I was a coach. We handle the load of minutes and each player is a particular case. Nobody guarantees me that if you always play with the same eleven players you will always win “, reiterated the Spanish coach, who added:” What I am not going to do is make my decisions based on what Pepe, Manolo or Lucas want, or the journalists , that you generate opinion, that you are for that The fans are happy with the national team and if they lose they get angry ”, stressed the Asturian coach.

The setback against the Greeks has barely left margin of error for a selection that accumulates debates without the way of managing it from Luis Enrique settling them. The goalkeeper in the last five games has been Unai Simón, but nothing guarantees that it will be at the European Championship. “Any one of the three goalkeepers gives me confidence and others who have not come, too. With the goal I can make any decision ”, insisted the Spanish coach. There is also no defined stable midfield, where Busquets and Rodri alternate as pivots and the interior roster varies constantly. The glue that provides the continuity of a block does not seem to matter to Luis Enrique. So far, the idea of ​​the game is clearer than who executes it.

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