The many contradictions of the Spanish team

I have already told you that football is the world of contradictions and that each certainty of today is the doubt of tomorrow … and vice versa.

Let’s review some of the contradictions of recent times:

Spain is a team with scoring problems: they have already read ad nauseam about Luis Enrique and the bottle of champagne (there are others who often talk about the ketchup as a metaphor for this type of goal-blocking situations) and they go and score five goals in 90 intense and torrid minutes in the Cartuja de Sevilla. And you will tell me that two goals came from an own goal. Do not ask me to explain the first one and what the Slovak goalkeeper wanted to do because he would not know how to find the light beyond the fact that, in pressure situations, there are times that, after a rejection, and with the idea of ​​getting up quickly, the goalkeepers they tend to lose the relationship with their goal. That goal helped us this time to find the key to the game. You see, another contradiction is to seek confidence in a rival’s own goal, because I don’t remember any coach-genius who has come up with the eccentricity of breaking a scoring drought looking for the opponent’s own goal.

Do you want another one? The classics called penalties the maximum penalty since the probability of scoring is the highest of all the plays (well, I don’t know how the difficulty statistic will be now if we add the own goal to the analysis). Well, we go and decide to take the opposite of history: we have failed five in a row. We are going that at this rate we will have to shoot the penalty in short to continue with the possession of the ball and after creating superiority to score a goal after a back or heel pass or as more difficult as we can think of.

One more? I remember a controversy about lawns and heat in Seville. Years ago it was considered that the heat was something that favored the most accustomed countries and it would seem that Spain knows something more about that than Sweden, Poland or Slovakia. Come on, that was a bonus. Well, we had turned it into a difficulty as if playing at 30 degrees for a Swede were their natural habitat.

And what am I going to tell you about whether or not the grass helped the game in Spain. Five goals later that matter became a secondary matter as Spain will go to Copenhagen to meet Croatia and compete for the passage to the quarterfinals with a cool temperature and good grass. Let’s see if this, in the end, is going to be a problem and we turn to contradict ourselves …

And finally, let’s go to the contradiction that for more years and competitions that pass has never been or will be resolved: How have we gone from having doubts about whether we would go to the second round to that France is going to be an insurmountable wall in the quarterfinals. And Croatia? Ah, since we have won by a landslide, the bottle of cava has been uncorked, we are going to play with an ideal temperature and the grass awaits wonderful that means that the world runners-up are just a test to continue growing and challenge ourselves with the champions to see who can more.

In other words, are we already on the right track, we have everything worked out, each player who comes off the bench scores, contributes and is happy and now nothing can stop us in search of the best places in this European Championship?

And that we have not yet finished adjusting the penalties that, if not, someone who was eliminated in spirit on Wednesday at noon would already be buying tickets and tickets for the semifinals at Wembley, not to say the final, that sounds to very grown. And we are to have our feet very on the ground.

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