The main absences in the list of summoned of Spain for the Eurocopa

Training of the Spanish team

The Spanish team already knows the 24 footballers who will play the European Championship next summer wearing the Red, after Luis Enrique has made public the list of summoned on the morning of this Monday. However, it has been the absences more than the summoned that have taken the headlines of the day.

The most talked about, that of Sergio Ramos, who like his Spanish teammates from Real Madrid will miss the Eurocup. In fact, this will be the first time that any Madrid player represents Spain in a major tournament. However, many other outstanding players of the season will have to watch the appointment on television.

The so far captain and player who has defended the colors of Spain the most times will not be in the Eurocup. This 2021 he has not had continuity in his game, having suffered multiple casualties due to injuries in the meniscus, other muscular injuries and having passed the covid, in addition to other annoyances that have left him out of numerous calls with Real Madrid. In fact, this year he has only played 5 games, having linked consecutive matches on only two occasions.

The ‘Prince of Batting’ will not be in the Eurocup this summer either, although the goal is one of the facets in which the Red is weakest. Despite a brilliant start to the campaign, an injury thwarted his progression and his second round has not been satisfactory at all to earn his place in the national team. However, his numbers this campaign have been to frame: 14 goals and 15 assists in 34 games.

The Sevilla winger has been one of the key pieces of the good work of his team this season, being the owner of the right wing of Pizjuán. However, Navas has not finished convincing Luis Enrique (or any fellow Sevilla player) to put him on his list of 24 and has preferred to take only a right side (Azpilicueta), leave Marcos Llorente as an apparent substitute … and do not occupy two of the 26 seats that I could fill for the tournament. One of the most questionable decisions of the coach.

The Madrid defender has been one of the best of his team this season. Given the numerous casualties that devastated Real Madrid’s behind this season, Nacho he more than fulfilled in the games he played both central and lateral. However, neither his performance nor his versatility have made Luis Enrique bet on taking him, opting for players with fewer games such as Eric García or Diego Llorente.

The leader of the Betis core has been very harmed by the inconvenience that has dragged in the last games of the season … less than a month before the Eurocup begins. Although Canales has been one of the responsible for the return of Betis to Europe And although his creative game fits perfectly with what Spain is looking for, he will have to wait to represent La Roja in a great tournament.

The season of the Atlético de Madrid defender has gone from more to less, but he has been one of the important men in the achievement of the league title. Hermoso’s profile is very similar to Nacho’s: a footballer who can fill practically any position in defense. Although this season has taken a step forward, it has not been enough to convince Luis Enrique to take him to the European Championship.

Jordán’s growth in recent years is being one of the great news of LaLiga … although the coach does not think the same. The midfielder has been the lighthouse of the game of Sevilla de Lopetegui, reaching the 50 matches this season in which he has scored two goals and distributed seven assists. The sheer amount of national talent in the same position has taken its toll.

The Athletic center-back was one of the safe bets for the European Championship and it was even rumored that he would start. However, it has been himself the one who wanted to get off the boat so as not to be a burden by “not being 100% physically or mentally”. His season with Athletic has been good, with more than 30 games, two goals, two assists, and the Super Cup title won at the beginning of the year.

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