The ‘Loco’ Abreu retires at 44: Guinness record, 31 teams and almost 500 goals

Genius and figure within the field.  When he arrived in Spain in 1998 there were many expectations created with him, but in Coruña he did not measure up and ended up leaving the club quickly.  He has played on more than 20 teams in his career.

The quintessential old football rocker hangs up his boots. The ‘Loco’ Abreu retires at 44 of professional football with the dispute after 26 years of career around the world. East Friday he will play his last game with South America, which will be the fifth day of the Uruguayan League Opening Tournament.

Abreu leaves high-level sport with him Guinness record for most military clubs, having been in 31 teams different, playing 857 games in which he has scored 468, including those played with the Uruguayan national team.

South America, a team recently promoted to First Division, is the thirty-first club in its extensive sporting career. However, their great achievements arrived with the Celeste, with which he obtained the title of America’s Cup in 2011 and the fourth place at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, where he scored the anthological goal ‘a la Panenka’ that gave his team a pass to the semifinals.

“I ended up getting everything I could dream of playing in Minas and I had nothing more to give. I gave it my all and be able to make the decision in force, active at 44 years old and with the team well located, It is the best way“He told Ovación, the sports supplement of the newspaper El País.

Abreu will hang up his boots 26 years and 6 days after his professional debut, on June 4, 1995, when he played for Defensor Sporting. And he did it against Liverpool, the same team against which he will say goodbye this Friday.

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