The legendary career of ‘Loco’ Abreu continues: he signed for his 31st team at age 44

Genius and figure within the field.  When he arrived in Spain in 1998 there were many expectations created with him, but in Coruña he did not measure up and ended up leaving the club quickly.  He has played on more than 20 teams in his career.

Many adult soccer fans weren’t even born when Washington Sebastián Abreu Gallo, the ‘Crazy’ Abreu, debuted in 1995 in Defensor Porting of his native Uruguay. 26 years later, and with 44 already on his card, he is still active.

The ‘Loco’ has just signed his thirty-first contract as a professional footballer. From now on he will be military in the South America, a club of the first division of his country. He comes from Brazil, where he has played so far in the Athletic Club Bahia.

Abreu is preparing to make the final leap to the bench, and has already led some meetings with him Holy button of Honduras and with the Boston River, where he was a player-coach.

However, physically he is in perfect condition and that is why he remains active, despite the fact that his age is more in line with that of being a full-time technician. In Spain it had two stages: in the Deportivo de la Coruña (mythio and in the Real society.

Although he has scored more than 500 goals as a professional between his clubs and the Uruguayan national team, one of his most remembered actions is precisely a resounding failure that has already remained in the collective memory as “Abreu’s goal”.

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