The hug between Laporta and Messi on his return to Barça: “I will try to convince him to stay”

Joan Laporta, during his investiture.

The new president of FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta, has taken office with an emotional speech with references to founder Joan Gamper or Johan Cruyff, with messages from support for Ronald Koeman or Leo Messi and with the ambition to regain the “successful relationship” with the titles and the Champions League.

“Only God knows what it took to get here,” he paraphrased his friend, the late Johan Cruyff, in a long and paperless speech, said from memory and from the heart, with direct allusions to, among others, Leo Messi.

I have come here to command and make decisions. We cannot do it alone. I’ll do my best to keep Leo. Leo, you know that I love you very much and that Barça loves you very much. You know that if the stadium were full when you play, you would not want to go, “he addressed the Argentine, present in the Camp Nou tribune and with whom he melted into a big hug.

In this sense, he wants to present you with a winning project that recover the essence of the winning team that Laporta lived with in his first stage as president, between 2003 and 2010. “It is essential that joy returns to be able to face what I hope will be a splendid stage,” he explained.

“You have to go for the Cup and for LaLiga. We have conspired to win titles. Ronald, you know you have the confidence of this Board“He sent another key message, in this case, to the current coach of the first team.

With a “positive” attitude, Laporta wants to get away “from victimisms or catastrophisms.” “I want to face this new stage with generosity and humility, with courage. Because you have to be brave to accept this. We have the challenge to do it well,” he explained.

For this, it has all the players of the entity. “You are the soul of this club. You know me as president, you know the way I have to relate to you, I am here to help and protect you. You are not alone and we will accompany you on the path to success “, he assured.

“The team is improving and we are hopeful and confident that it will go further, we will make the necessary efforts, we have a very competitive team and we want to aspire to everything. We want to win, and win well. We want to recover the successful relationship with the ‘Champions'” , be sincere.

Laporta made reference to the Bernabéu canvas (‘You want to see you again’) in the campaign, and also showed his more relaxed and ‘laportista’ face when he made allusion to this past morning and to the sprint for the economic guarantee. “We had a night that … It was not a party, sure … We went to sleep very late, because the conditions of the guarantee that had to be deposited, ‘déu-n’hi-do’ (‘cloth’), “he noted.

A sign of identity that will be present in a “strong leadership”. “But this is not incompatible with emotions and feelings. I remember that in 2003 I took office in another room and saw my father for the first time with tears in his eyes. I had never seen him before. Wherever you are, help me to do well and to be an example for the new generations, “he said excitedly.

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