The heavy hand Raúl González with the Castilla players: luxuries forbidden and extreme respect for the referees

Raul Gonzalez Blanco, during a Real Madrid Castilla match

Raul Gonzalez he’s taking giant strides in his coaching career, from the grassroots. The legendary former striker has earned unanimous praise, not only for the good work of the Real Madrid Castilla, from which several players have already left for a first team devastated by injuries (Miguel Gutiérrez, Antonio Blanco, Víctor Chust …), but because of the style he has in wardrobe management.

Raúl is a heavy-handed coach. This has been made clear in the white subsidiary, a team with many potential stars with all the dangers that it entails. The Madrid coach is very aware of what the quarry matters in the club and that is why he has used his own experience to prevent the kids in his charge from coming up and lose your mind.

Discipline is ironclad. Raúl does not allow ostentation of any kind among his people and requires them to carry extreme humility. According to AS account, that reaches many areas: for example, the Real Madrid Castilla footballers they are not allowed to wear large headphones, which many times even exceed the minimum wage, unnecessarily expensive bags and toiletry bags or jewelry. High-end cars are also frowned upon by the coach.

The objective is twofold. On the one hand, he does not want them to fall into the complacency that, being Madrid players, they create superiors and stop working. For another, protects them from criticism and piques from rivals, many of them non-professional Segunda B players whose salaries do not even reach half the number of kids as young as 18 or 19 years old.

That humility is also carried into sports: after each game demands that they go to greet the referee and thank you for your work, in addition to giving the congratulations on the game played to the rivals. He recently had a strong fight with two of his footballers who refused to say hello in the match with Navalcarnero.

It is clear that Raúl drinks from the philosophy of Vicente del Bosque, which is not so different from the one he himself lived when he was under the command of the man from Salamanca in the white quarry. The former striker has the full club support, very satisfied with what you are getting, and they see you as a more than acceptable alternative if Zidane does not continue: there are voices that ask that you do not even wait for the Frenchman to leave, but that you bet directly on Raúl.

Its future will be a matter of debate shortly, as soon as the qualifiers for promotion to Second, where they will be seen with the powerful UD Ibiza.

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