The Government shows its rejection of the Super League and urges the clubs to dialogue and reach an agreement with UEFA and the League

Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes

The Government of Spain has announced that “does not support” the initiative to create a European Football Super League, promoted by twelve clubs, including Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​on the understanding that “it has been conceived and proposed without counting” on national and international representative organizations.

In a statement from Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Executive has reported that Minister José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes The presidents of UEFA, RFEF and LaLiga have held meetings and conversations this Monday, as well as with the presidents of the FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid Y Real Madrid, the Spanish teams that support this initiative.

In this sense, the Spanish Government clarified that it has defended that must return “to the path of dialogue and agreement in the areas of decision and organization to which these same clubs belong to achieve an agreed solution that is convenient for football and sport, both for national and international organizations and for teams, professionals and fans in general. “

He also stressed that sportsmanship “It must be made clear through the search for a broad agreement.” “The Government has confirmed the willingness of all parties to this dialogue throughout the talks held today with Minister Rodríguez Uribes and wants it to bear fruit with an agreement that is beneficial to all,” the statement concludes.

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