The goalkeeper who has not seen his team’s penalties for three years

Stole dimitrievski, goalkeeper of the Vallecano Ray, He has confessed a curious superstition: he has not looked at the maximum penalties that his team throws for three years. “The last penalty I saw three years ago in Lugo and we failed, I decided not to see penalties, I never see them and we always take them. It has become a tradition and it gives me luck. If nothing else happens I will continue like this because it turns out well and my teammates mark them. I stare at a point, he explained to the microphones of ‘BE Sporty’.

However, the Macedonian goalkeeper, who is in his fourth season in the box Vallecas, has recognized that it is increasingly difficult to stop a penalty with the new rule since “you have to be on the line and there is no time to launch yourself, it comes at a very fast speed”.

In his opinion, “you have to study it, see all the gestures and details to be able to stop a penalty. The thing is very difficult,” he continued. In addition, the field of Lightning It has the peculiarity that a band does not have a grandstand but that when it is played in the background where there are people at the end “it gives you double.”

Dimitrievski has highlighted that one of the keys to this Lightning is that they have “very clear ideas” of what the coach explains to them Andoni Iraola and the coaching staff, and that the main objective is “consolidate ourselves in the First Division”. Likewise, the goalkeeper is becoming important in his national team, where he has already played 50 games.

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