The goal of the day was scored by a 9-year-old girl in Extremadura: all the children of the rival team are dribbled

Paula Murillo, the 'crack' of CF Campanario

The League match last weekend left great goals, but any of them are muted next to the one seen in a children’s game in Estremadura. Its author, Paula murillo, He dressed as Maradona himself.

At 9 years old, this young soccer player from CF Campanario of the youngest category showed that he has a class in his boots that can be carried very high if he continues to dedicate himself to the sport when he is older. In the meeting of his team, made up mostly of boys, he showed unparalleled courage: he caught the ball in his field, started to run and he was removing rivals along the way until he scored a real goal.

“It came to my head to dribble everyone and get into the area and score. I wanted to get in and dribble a little because I really like to dribble,” confesses the player to ‘Extremadura Deportes’, who also stands out for her versatility: winger, midfielder or forward.

This goal by Paula, who confesses to being a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, has many details beyond the goal itself. The first is that she is the only girl who is in the field at that moment, something that she does not care about, and the second is that, unlike the others, she goes with the face mask on at all times.

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